Ever consider how a newcomer to our church experiences our weekend worship services? Did you know that the first 10 minutes a guest spends at our church are often the most valuable minutes when it comes to them deciding whether they're coming back or not? (And just in case there's confusion ... leading people to faith & maturity in Jesus Christ first requires guests to come back).

So before they hear the welcome at the top of the service. Before a song that the band has rehearsed all week is played. Before the pastor starts the message that he's diligently been working on ... before all those things ... many of our guests have already decided about whether they'll be back or not.

So those 10 minutes matter.

Here's another win ... as we pursue making an impact in those important 10 minutes for our guests and newcomers we also create a welcoming and caring environment for our whole church family!

On Sunday April 23 we're bringing together every volunteer team that is actively involved in "first impressions" at Faith. This includes: Parking, Coffee, Welcome, Connections Centre, and Ushers.

If you're involved on one of those teams or if you're interested in helping to make a great first impression to our guests at Faith, you're invited to come out on April 23 at 6 pm.