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  • 169 West Road
  • Huntsville, ON
  • Canada

In a nation and world full of different ideas, religions, and expressions of spirituality, what truly separates Jesus from the rest?

Do you have questions about God, Christianity, or the claims Jesus made as recorded in the bible? You're invited to join us on Friday April 28 at 7 pm for an evening with Andy Bannister from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Andy will be giving a talk entitled, "Given All The Options, Why Jesus?" The evening will include a Q&A time at the end so bring your questions!

Do you have a friend who has questions about Christianity and the claims of Jesus? Invite them out! This is the perfect opportunity for them to hear answers to some of the most commonly held questions regarding Jesus and Christianity.

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Dr. Andy Bannister is Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an adjunct speaker for Ravi Zacharias · International Ministries. He speaks and teaches regularly throughout Canada, the US, Europe, and the wider world. From churches to universities, business forums to TV and radio, Andy regularly addresses both Christian audiences and those of all faiths and none on issues relating to faith, culture, politics, and society.