This page is a training resource for the amazing team of volunteers that drive the technology side of Faith Baptist Church as well as a tool for other churches to find information relating to production excellence in the Church. Whether you’re a production team member here at Faith or at another church, thank you for stepping up to serve God in your local church with the gifts that He has given you!


What’s involved with being on the Production Team at Faith?

Generally, production team members are scheduled for one week out of three. Some roles require team members to be present at both Thursday night rehearsals (6:30 pm) and Sunday morning (7:30 am - 12:15 pm). Other roles are Sunday-only. The Sunday call time for Production is 7:30 am. There are a variety of roles for individuals with all levels of experience. Contact the production team through the link below to explore those options!



It’s often joked about that no one notices the work of the sound engineer unless something goes wrong - then of course, you bear the shameful glares as people twist there necks to see what’s going on. The sound engineers play a key role in setting the desired atmosphere in our worship environments; both in-house and online. It’s an amazing and humbling role if you think about it. Every word, whether it is sung, prayed, or taught as part of the message has to pass through the instrument that is the soundboard. And the sound engineer is at the controls of that board. We’ve all been in auditoriums where the sound mix was bad. It’s hard to focus on what’s happening because the mix actually becomes a distraction. When the mix is good, it melts away from the congregation’s mind and they are able to focus on what’s going on in the service. At Faith, our mix is aligned with our statement of Worship, which can be read at this link. Our statement of worship impacts our song selection, the use of multimedia, lighting, and audio. We also aim to create a consistent worship environment, one in which our church family can be confident inviting a friend. Again, the sound engineer plays a key role in fulfilling these goals. Thank you to all our sound techs for the work you put in here at Faith! If you find any online posts that are helpful to you, pass them along to be included at the link below.



Faith runs a three-camera setup. The main camera (camera 1) is a Panasonic HPX370 and it is assisted by 2 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Panasonic AW-HE120 cameras (cameras 2 & 3) mounted on the gym walls (left and right of the stage)). There is a single camera operator in the worship service (back centre) and a second camera operator who works out of the video production suite controlling cameras two and three as well as ensuring that all three cameras have a balanced output. The PTZ cameras are controlled with a Panasonic AW-RP50N.

Each of these cameras feed a signal to the video production suite, where a video director “calls” the shots and cuts the camera shots live on a Panasonic AV-HS410N Switcher. The output from the switcher is output to

  • Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro (SSD recording to be edited for television broadcast on a one-week delay)

  • Boxcast Boxcaster Pro (live stream)

  • Screen distribution throughout the building via SD-HDI