OUR MISSION: We exist to lead people to faith and maturity in Jesus Christ.

OUR VISION & STRATEGY: We're strengthening families towards a transformed community.

Faith Baptist Church began in 1953 as a small group meeting together in local homes.

As the work grew, it was possible to move to a small building on West Street. Over time as the congregation increased, the need for larger facilities became apparent, eventually leading to the purchase of our present site on West Road. The move to the new building was made in 1977.

The building has been expanded three times. One building expansion was completed in 1985 and additional land was purchased at that time to accommodate future needs. In July 1996 another building adjoining our present one was started. This addition included a multipurpose room, additional nurseries, washrooms and a new kitchen. We moved into this new facility on June 29, 1997.

In early 2007, renovation and construction for the most recent addition was begun. The expansion was primarily additional classrooms for our flourishing KidsMin programs.

In 2011, church leadership presented a new vision for Faith. This vision stated that we would make an opportunity for every man, woman, and child in Muskoka to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ by 2016.

In 2014, we launched our online campus faithmuskoka.tv. The strategy of our online campus is to provide a quality online "first step" video environment that encourages guests to take a next step towards Jesus Christ.

In 2017, we launched into our new vision of "strengthening families towards a transformed community". At Faith, you're family and we encourage you to join us in the fulfillment of that vision!

Our senior pastor, Pastor Darrell Baker, has given leadership at Faith for over 30 years. Meet the rest of our leadership team.

This is our story so far. We look forward to how that story will continue to grow and give God glory and we hope you'll join us in the journey!